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Whitney Battery Defense Attorney

Getting into heated arguments is sometimes unavoidable, but taking it as far as inflicting physical violence intentionally is another story.

Las Vegas Battery Defense Attorney

You probably are unwary of your actions during instances that trigger you to harm someone physically due to conflict. It might not be a big deal to you, but it may have offended or harmed the other person without your knowledge.

On occasions like this, initiating unsolicited physical contact following a heated argument makes you liable for battery charges. Facing battery charges might tamper your reputation and could give birth to other serious legal problems. To reclaim your innocence and clear your name from the allegations, you must have a reliable Whitney battery defense attorney by your side to get you out of this mess.

To defend yourself and win the case against battery charges, you need an experienced battery defense attorney to guide you through the process effectively. Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer is a Whitney, NV law firm that houses the best and veteran defense lawyers. They possess the necessary resources to get you through the battery situation you are stuck in.

Remember that the best defense versus battery allegations is to talk to your lawyer and let him narrate your version of the truth.

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Types of Battery Offenses

It is important to know which of the following battery offenses you are accused of so that your defense attorney can carry out the necessary steps to defend you in court.

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Simple battery. This is an actual and intentional physical contact with another person without his/her permission with the purpose of offending or causing bodily harm. A simple battery charge might escalate into a felony if the accused had a previous battery verdict or under probation.

Aggravated Battery. This involves a deadly weapon or inflicting grievous bodily harm or permanent disability upon the enactment of battery.

Battery on a law enforcement officer. This is also an act of deliberately striking a law enforcement officer without his consent or intentionally causing him physical pain. This law enforcement officer may be in the persona of a part-time and full-time correctional officer, part-time and full-time law enforcement officer, any county probation officer, or an agent, employee, or law enforcement personnel of the Department of Corrections, Parole Commission, Fish, and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Department of Environmental Protection, and Department of Law Enforcement.

Potential Battery Legal Defenses

Criminal defense attorney in Las VegasWhether your battery charge concludes with just a civil lawsuit or as a crime, you should never put your guard down. Before you can be proven guilty, the prosecution must prove that the following facts transpired:

1. The act was willful.
2. Force and violence are involved.
3. The act is done to the other party.

To make the following claims unverified, some general defenses you can pursue are:

Lack of intent. The alleged aggressor had no intention or capacity to harm the other person because he/she is unknowingly intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs, has a mental illness or condition, or the act may be a simple mistake.

Self-defense. The accused felt the need to protect himself/herself from the victim because there are signs of threat coming his/her way.

Mistaken identity. The alleged suspect shows and can prove that he/she was not on the scene when the battery happened, it could be just someone else.

Consent. The accused can prove that the victim consented to the act.

Defense of others/property. The accused must show reasonable fear and prove that he/she committed the act to protect the people present at that time and the properties from being damaged.

Untruthful witness or dishonest purported victim. The accused must prove that the witness to the battery was lying and was just being bribed to come out as witness. The victim could also be telling lies to press the suspect for whatever personal reason the victim has.

Privilege. The nature of livelihood can be a defense in a battery charge. For example, the profession as a police officer may use the reason that it’s for the course of their duties when the battery occurred.

These are just examples of legal defenses that the battery defense attorneys of Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer can use for your case. With their skills and experience, they can juggle around, find loopholes, and eventually save you from trouble.

Reliable Whitney Battery Defense Attorneys

Facing a battery charge is a challenging moment of your life, and the consequences can be pretty serious. Only an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney can counsel you on which step to take and protect your legal rights.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys At Law

Whitney battery defense attorneys in Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer are widely known due to their undeniable skills, equal aggression plus the reputability of the company. We have defended and successfully acquitted most of our clients from battery charges.

We ensure to perform a thorough investigation of the facts, details, and pieces of evidence of your case to defend and protect you with the best of our abilities. Regarding the defense of your criminal charges, we will maximize our effort to successfully resolve your case by negotiating with the concerned authorities.

Free Consultation with a Battery Defense Attorney

Nevada Criminal Defense AttorneysIf you have been accused of committing battery in Whitney, don’t go running away from the charges.

Instead, contact Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer and hire one of our battery defense attorneys to defend yourself and prove your innocence. Rest assured that we will serve you with the utmost legal representation.

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