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Enterprise Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

It is never easy to get a second chance in life. Facing criminal charges with drug trafficking? That’s a huge mess most people won’t be able to get out of easily.

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Other than the lack of knowledge in working on a case, drug trafficking is one of the most serious and prosecuted crimes. So as soon as you become charged with it, you better contact a Enterprise drug trafficking defense attorney.

At Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer, we know how crucial every drug trafficking case trial is. We are aware of how high the stakes are for the convicted, especially given how strict Enterprise laws are on trafficking-controlled matters. It is far more serious than drug possession, and most of the time, probation cannot be granted.

The chances of you ending up facing severe penalties and longer jail time are more likely than getting a judge rule in your favor. That is if you go through this without working with the right legal defense team.

At Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer, our drug trafficking defense lawyers know how to handle drug trafficking cases accurately. Talk to us, and we will make sure that we’ll take care of all your legal concerns. We are very much familiar with the drug trafficking laws governing in Enterprise, and we promise you that we will be able to help you turn the case in the most favorable way possible for you.

Rest assured that we have the most well-equipped defense lawyers who are more than willing to guide and help you throughout the entire case. Remember, this is something you don’t have to face alone. It’s not the time to hesitate about getting yourself a lawyer. Act immediately!

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Possible Defenses to Drug Trafficking Charges

We are aware that for drug trafficking offenses, the court rarely gives the violator any probation.

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However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any legal defenses to counter the charges against you.

Our team of qualified defense attorneys in Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer can assure you that they would conduct thorough investigations to identify the best possible legal defenses that will work in your favor.

There are three levels of drug trafficking offenses in Enterprise, Nevada. The severity of the punishment depends on the level of offense that a person is convicted of. They are as follows:

Low-Level Trafficking. If you are suspected of trafficking at least 4 grams of a controlled substance but not more than 14 grams, you are punishable by 1 to 6 years in Nevada State Prison and a $5,000 fine.

Mid-Level Trafficking. If you are suspected of trafficking at least 14 grams of a controlled substance but not more than 28 grams, you are punishable by 2 to 15 years in Nevada State Prison and a fine of not more than $100,000.

Large-Level Trafficking. If you are suspected of trafficking at least 28 grams of a controlled substance or more, you are punishable with 10-25 years in Nevada State Prison and a fine of not more than $500,000. There’s also a chance of you being charged with a life sentence with parole eligibility, starting at ten years.

However, no matter what level of drug trafficking you are being charged with, there are strong legal defenses that your lawyer could use to reduce the charges or even have your case dismissed. Our defense lawyers will help you in finding the most appropriate defense for you. They can be, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Unlawful search
2. Inadequate mass of drugs
3. Lack of knowledge

We will intensively study and investigate your case and consider every possible scenario to defend you effectively. Leave no details untold in telling us your story, and we will do the rest.

Successfully Reducing Your Charges

It is mandatory to have jail time if you are charged with drug trafficking. If having a strong legal defense is quite insufficient, our defense attorneys would still be able to find other ways in lowering your charges effectively.

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We know that this is one of the crimes with the harshest punishments, but we also know how to make things work for you. Here are some of the things that would be considered in reducing your sentence:

1. How much you contributed in doing the act
2. Inconsistencies in your testimonies
3. The court’s assessment of your case

We believe that there is more than one way to make this case favorable for you, and our team will indeed find what’s most appropriate to achieve a good resolution. Trust us, and we will give you our fullest commitment.

From the start of the case until the time you will finally get that second chance in life, we will be legally serving you!

Best Enterprise Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys

Know that our team is made up of the best Enterprise drug trafficking defense attorneys. We never disappoint our clients, and they would certainly point you back to us whenever you need help with this type of offense. We don’t back down easily against prosecutors. Defending your rights and clearing your name is what we do best.

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At Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer, we always treat our cases with the utmost commitment. We have the skills, as well as the experience, and we are more than capable of representing you in court.

With our knowledge in Enterprise drug trafficking laws and expertise in coming up with a solid defense plan, we will provide you with redemption way faster than other legal service providers will.

Again, we know how sensitive this offense is. We have dealt with this many times before with a consistently outstanding record, and we will do it again with yours. If you trust in us, you’re trusting in the best Enterprise drug trafficking attorneys.

If you need more receipts to believe what we are claiming, hear the from our past clients’ testimonials.

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Nevada Criminal Defense AttorneysLife doesn’t always go as planned. Having to innocently deal with one of the harshest criminal offenses only proves life’s complexity and unpredictability.

Start building your defense by contacting our team. We will do everything we can to help you win this legal battle.

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