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Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney

A weapon does not necessarily have to be involved in order to proclaim domestic violence. Any violent confrontation with a family member/s can be considered one due to its negative impact on the victim’s mind and emotions. But of course, physical violence will further bring about weighty charges.

Are you a victim of domestic violence in Las Vegas? Or is it being charged against you? Either way, you will need the help of professional lawyers who will provide you with the justice that you demand or the freedom that you desire. Most of us aren’t good at properly laying out the facts of our situation in a compelling way. If you want to win the case, you must have an excellent lawyer who will help you in this situation.

What is Domestic Violence?

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Domestic violence pertains to individual crimes that include but are not limited to the following: battery and assault, spousal abuse, trespassing, sexual assault, destruction of property, child abuse or negligence, stalking, misdemeanor, felony, etc.

In Las Vegas, a total of 1,791 contacts were recorded by the National Domestic Violence Hotline from victims of domestic violence. In this area, charges commonly begin when a person makes a call to the police. Policemen then proceed to the said location and examine the situation. If a crime has obviously occurred, they will write a detailed police report explaining what they have witnessed at the scene.

The person responsible for domestic violence is typically arrested by the policemen within 24 hours, even without a warrant of arrest. Afterward, the arrested culprit must stay inside the jail for 12 hours before he/she can be bailed.

Commonly, the domestic violence crimes (without the involvement of weapons or any injury) happening in Las Vegas are misdemeanors. However, the case escalates to a more serious level once the aggressor is discovered to have a history of abusive behavior such as emotional, financial, and sexual abuse that can, unfortunately, occur in spousal relationships.

What To Do If You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

If you are in Las Vegas and trapped in a domestic violence situation, the most important and urgent step that you should do is to tell someone or call the police. You need to be drawn away from your aggressor and he has to face the consequences of his actions in court. In order to get justice, you will need to win the case by hiring a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney who will defend you. Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer has a pool of excellent lawyers who can provide you with high-quality legal support.

To know if you are being assaulted, watch out for the most apparent sign of domestic violence which is definitely violence itself. These are hitting, pushing, slapping, forcing, etc. Discreetly, domestic violence can happen through verbal abuse and manipulation. If you are receiving threats and experiencing intimidation or shaming, then you are clearly in a domestic violence situation.

What To Do When You Are Charged With Domestic Violence

Being charged with domestic violence in Las Vegas is a huge dilemma especially when you are only accused, but you’re actually innocent. If you are proclaimed as the alleged aggressor, you have the right to hire your own defense lawyer. In the trial, the defendant has the best chance of disproving and confounding the state’s case against him and demonstrate that he or she did not perform the crime. The best way to win the trial is to be defended by the Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer domestic violence attorneys.

Common Defenses Against Domestic Battery Charges

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A Domestic Battery is defined by the State of Nevada as “any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another”. Domestic Battery is also known as Battery Domestic Violence. It is said to occur when the assumed victim is a spouse or former partner, a person you live or used to live with, a person you have a child with, your child, or any relative by blood.

The defenses to Las Vegas domestic violence charges involve accidents, false claims, self-defense, and self-inflicted injuries. Meanwhile, for cases without the involvement of physical injuries, experts like a psychologist may be asked to testify about the alleged victim’s condition. The prosecution’s case can be weakened when the defense attorney asks the court to show critical evidence like the ones illegally obtained by the policemen during their investigation.

Domestic violence must be proven without a reasonable doubt in any Nevada court.

Why You Need To Hire Our Attorneys

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Experienced criminal defense attorneys are what you need once you get charged with domestic violence battery. Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer is your reliable Las Vegas law firm. Our defense attorneys can legally protect and guide you all throughout the case, from the interrogation process to the courtroom. They can reduce your criminal charges and prove your innocence. If you are facing a serious legal battle, you can find the right defense attorney in Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer who will incessantly fight for your freedom.

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